General Conditions

  1. The client admit that he received the vehicle in perfect working conditions and is obliged to return in the same manner.
  2. The client is liable for any sanction or traffic fines.
  3. It´s forbidden to drive off-road with the vehicle or to participate in any competitions.
  4. The client is liable for any damages done to the vehicle and will not refuse to pay the daily rates durint the period that the vehicle is laid up for repairs
  5. An additional insurance all risk is available at extra cost wich covers the damages donde to the vehicle but always with an access fixed by the rental office and under now circunstances the client will refuge to pay the access
  6. The additional insurance will not cover damages donde to the vehicle in cases such as drunkenness, intoxication with drugs, excess speed, driving on the lefthand side, disregard of traffic sing, mechanical breakdown and tyre ruptures that may result from negligence, etc.
  7. In case of theft of the vehicle the client will have to pay 100% of the value of the vehicle.
  8. In case of an accident or mechanical breakdown the client cannot leave without taken the necessary measures to avoid further damages or lost and in case this would happen the client is liable to pay this damages even if he has taken the additional insurance or any other insurance.
  9. In case of an accident the client must advise the reantal office and the pertinent authorities.
  10. If the accident is due to a mechanical breakdown the client cannot claim any compensation to the company even in case of any other mechanical breakdown.
  11. If the vehicle is rented for a long period the client must come to the rental office for revisions in a period that will be decided by the rental company. In case the client doesn´t carry out this agreement any damages caused because of this negligence he´s liable to pay these damages.
  12. The client is liable for type ruptures.
  13. The hire company can retire the vehicle and cancel the contract as soon as the client infrinigies an of this clauses.
  14. The client declares to accept all the conditions of the present contract by signing it´s overleaf. In case of any disagreement about the application of the clauses mentioned, the renter dubmits to Spanish Law and to the Jurisdiction of the Court in Granadilla whatever his own nationallity may be.
  15. The clients have to pay a deposit wich starts from 100€ up to 1000€.